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Home improvement is a must for many home owners. This is especially for paint, which fades away with time.

Who we are

We are a licensed corporation that offers a variety of painting services all over Anaheim. Whether you want your ceiling painted, cabinets or even the whole house, we are the call you should make.

With our highly skilled workforce, and the latest equipment, we make your experience with us one to remember. The best part? We have the most reasonable rates in the business.

What we offer

We pride ourselves in the fact that we offer quite an extensive range of painting services to our customers.

Anaheim house painter

The customer is always our key priority. We will listen to what you have envisioned for your house in terms of the color scheme and we make it happen.

We also offer advisory services to anyone who would like to change the color in their houses, but has no idea how to go about it. We will walk you through different colors, and their significance, and ultimately recommend what we think would suit you. We always aim to provide tailored services to all our clients.

  • Consultation

When you come to us, we will first talk about your needs to establish what you would like. People are different, and thus no one rarely wants the same thing another one does.

Low Cost Commercial Painters Orange County, CA

After extensive deliberation, we will both agree on the colors you want, and the date for the actual service. Most of our clients have more than one room and want different shades in different rooms.

  • Prior preparation

The day before we commence painting, we will come to your house and make the preparations necessary. This makes our work very easy the next day.

We start with moving furniture away from the walls, removing any wallpaper, covering the whole floor and the furniture as well.

We recommend that you move any valuable items and pets away from the rooms to be painted.

The following day all we have to do is be on time, and paint the day away. We always clean up the rooms after we are done. You will be amazed at the transformation the new colors bring to your home.


Inexpensive House Painters

Why opt for our services

We are very efficient and very good at what we do. We listen to what you have to say and always put your needs first. Treating our clients well is what has made our customer base to expand so rapidly in just a few years.

That’s not all. We are very conscious of the environment, and therefore only use the best paints, which don’t leave any odor in your home, or contain any harsh chemicals.

Knowing how much you value your time, we try to finish painting within a day if possible. This is not to mean that we do a shoddy job. Not at all! In case you have many rooms, we have a different team working on different rooms.

We have you back in your house in no time.

Bottom line is, you will not find a firm that cares about its customers the way we do, while giving exceptional services, at the same time.

What are you waiting for? Contact us right away.

Low Cost Painters Anaheim, CA


Exterior Painting

We at Anaheim Exterior Painters know what it takes to deliver a high-quality finish that will keep your home/business looking good for years to come. Our exterior house painting is always done by highly experienced exterior house painters.

Our Team

We are continuously training and educating our exterior painters the best practices in this industry. Each and every employee is well qualified.

All our crew members are certified renovators. We are always upgrading and using the right tools and equipment that are efficient and new in the market. This helps us in getting the right results.

We Adequately Prepare The Exterior Surface Before Exterior Painting

Our experienced personnel will do a walk around the house to evaluate the full scope the project. We repair cracks and holes in the surfaces as it is required. Moreover, we protect the surrounding flower beds, plants or deck areas. We also provide mold and dew removal as requested. If requested will go further provide caulking or waterproofing services for your house doors or windows.

We prepare surface areas with techniques such as pressure washing to ensure all areas are clear of debris and dust to makes them ready to be painted!

Exterior Paint Color Choices

The color choice picked for your exterior painting creates a lot of impressions. Whether flattering or unflattering colors are selected, the house will gain an identity of its own when the paint is applied.

Picking exterior house paint color is very much different than choosing a color of a shirt or car. It is advisable to drive around and observe other homeowners colors before deciding. We at Anaheim Exterior Painters will guide you in choosing the right color for your house.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our skilled personnel will do the job during the day with the project manager inspecting the work daily to ensure the top quality job is delivered. When the project is complete, we will walk through the project together to ensure you are satisfied with the results. Any disputes will be addressed after that and correction are undertaken. However, our team is very clinical, and this rarely occurs.

You can research paint itself on Wikipedia by pasting this link into your browser:

Our team leaves your establishment in pristine condition on the final day of the project. Moreover, we provide you with a guarantee for a specified period. We want our clients to be completely satisfied with our work.

Someone once said that “every painting is a voyage into a sacred harbor”. Sometimes people think painting is just about mucking about when it is a highly skilled activity.

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