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Color and style always influence everything that you put your eyes on. In the home, the colors and shades you choose for each room play a huge role in how you will feel. When the colors are not right, you will not be comfortable.

Whether you know exactly what color you want each room painted or need a little guidance, our Anaheim Painters can help you pick out the right shade to create exactly the style and mood you want.

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We are professional painters specialized in commercial and residential painting. We will take care of your house, garage, apartment, garage, warehouse, office building, store, etc.

Let us refresh drab colors, and increase a little bit of nice paint colors to your environment. Our painters have a lot of experience and will give you good advice.

At Anaheim Painters, we pledge the best quality, ideal services, the best trained and professional employees. Our highest commitment is to serve our clients.

We are a painting company dedicated to serving our friends and neighbors in Anaheim as well as the surrounding areas. We believe that good work which involves the local community will make us both stronger.

Our high-quality services have been recognized by many people and even more importantly, by our esteemed clients. We provide you with the highest level of professionalism in whatever we do.

Our work is of the best quality and is always finished with the consideration for your family and home. We carry out our work promptly and in a clean way so as to reduce any stress on your space and your life.Anaheim house painter

We treat your home like it is our own

  • We start and finish on time
  • We maintain a clean work environment
  • We provide a total commitment to all details
  • We assure the highest quality
  • We stand behind all of our work

Expertise in our service

Anaheim Painters has been serving our clients with dedication and diligence. We are continually expanding our services daily in order to keep up with the latest equipment, practices, and standards.

We believe that continuity is important and therefore we give all our employees full training before they are released in the market. This is both for customer service and for work.

Keeping and promoting our best employees is what we do, and in return, we provide our clients with the best service. Our top managers have a lot of experience and maintain a lot of professionalism and expertise that is unmatched.

A great place to work

Our team is well catered for, and as such, they return this favor by providing you with the best painting services. We value all our employees, and as such, they take time to evaluate what needs to be done.

Our latest state of the art tools

Technology is constantly changing day-to-day, and as such, we are always updating in order to keep up with all your painting needs. We have state of the art equipment designed to suit all the work that we carry out in our company.

We also use up-to-date paints to color your house. There are many types of paint, and we use the best in the market in order to give you a beautiful and durable paint job.

Environmental friendly products

We value the environment, and therefore, we use eco-friendly equipment and material. The paints we use are suitable for your house, and we try to use paints that do not cause any harm to you, your family and the environment.

We also offer these services:

  • Jointing
  • plastering
  • molding installation
  • installing ceramic
  • wallpaper removal
  • Brick painting and staining
  • Stucco repairing and painting
  • modulated metal siding painting
  • cornice painting
  • installing vinyl and removing it
  • Special coating with epoxy compounds and others.
  • Spray painting
  • Lintel painting
  • Electrostatic painting
  • Cleaning and painting gutters and drainpipes

We apply paint on most surfaces:

  • Aluminum
  • PVC and other vinyles
  • Wood exterior siding
  • Metal exterior siding
  • Wrought iron balcony and stairs
  • Gypsum wall
  • Stucco, brick and other masonry
  • Acrylic-based siding

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We are always on standby to deal with all your needs and give your building that great and beautiful look that you love.


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Our Approach


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We want to be the most trusted 'go to' painters in Anaheim and the

surrounding cities.

We will travel 20 miles to get to your job site.

Our Story

We began with a pick up truck and a ladder.

Now we have a fleet of trucks, vans, and over 20 full time employees.

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Meet the Team

We  treat our employees like family. We know that excellent communication creates a strong and unified team.

We focus all of our efforts on making sure that you our customer are 100% satisfied.


Regan McCook


Regan loves color and can advise you on which palette to choose from for your painting job.


Eric Teagan

Vice President

Eric spent 7 years on the job painting. Now he sits at his huge desk and advises on commercial and industrial painting jobs.


Timothy Barrett


Timothy counts the beans so that we keep your job on time and under budget.

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