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Drywall and plaster repair

Repairing a wall or your ceiling is no easy job! Depending on the age of your home, you may have plaster walls and ceilings. In case it is new, you may have a modern drywall construction.

Regardless, this type of work is not easy for any average person. It should be left to professionals.

At our company, we are highly skilled plaster and drywall specialist and offer the required repair services.orange interior painter

Water can damage drywall in homes and offices. However, plumbers can help minimize the occurrence of these kinds of problems. They can fix the source of leaks.

Water often comes in from the roof or ceiling. If water damage is ignored, the drywall may not be usable again. It may need to be replaced, and that can be very costly.

Homeowners should bear in mind that wet drywall is a health threat. Mold can thrive on it. Therefore, drywall repair should be a top priority.

Plaster can fix most drywall damage. Plaster application requires good hand-eye coordination. Without such skill, the remedy does not always last.

This is why many residents call us when water problems leave walls damaged. Only professionals can do the job with ease and efficiency. In addition, they know the best products to use for specific types of damage.


Plaster Repair

Your home is old and has not been renovated over the last 10-30 years. Chances are your house interiors is constructed entirely of a plaster finish.

This type of interior job takes a high level of skill to repair and is a project you want to leave up to the pros.Residential Painter Orange County, CA

To properly repair any plaster damage you may have in your home, whether it be on walls or the ceiling, our team must analyze your individual situation.

Small patch jobs can be accomplished using a veneer plaster to cover up small cracks in the surface. Larger jobs will require a plaster base coat over the wood lath beneath, and sealed with a liquid bonding agent before applying a veneer layer.

Each plaster repair situation differs, and techniques vary accordingly. Regardless, we ensure the highest quality of artistry, beautiful results, and long-lasting solutions for all the work we do!

Drywall Repair

Drywall repair entails a slightly complicated process compared to plaster repair. This too should be left to the professionals to deal with.

Regardless of the size of repair, our team provides seamless integration of new and old drywall, leaving the wall smooth and ready for painting.

We always use high-quality drywall, tape, and putty. In all of our drywall repair work, we ensure that the drywall solution is firmly planted into the existing structure. This means your drywall will not crack or bend over time.

In some cases, homeowners and businesses may decide to follow a DIY solution for drywall repair. We highly suggest you leave this work for the pros to obtain optimal results!

Quality guaranteed

We handle all drywall and plaster repairs with one thing in mind, to make it look, feel and function as it this or should have in the first place.

We use specialty drywall to enhance the first job, such as soundproof drywall, fire resistant drywall or moisture resistant drywall. We will make sure that you get quality services with our company.

Drywall and plaster repairs are not just your regular jobs. This is an art that requires highly skilled individuals. That is why we have employed the best professionals in our company to guarantee our clients excellent services.

We have the approval and trust of countless local customers who have all witnessed firsthand the magic we perform while working. We turn whatever we touch into something perfect and which is worth admiring.

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Plaster repair and drywall repair is our specialty.

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