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Anaheim exterior painters

We strongly believe that any building should look beautiful outside just as the inside.

At Anaheim exterior painters, we will transform your home into a little haven. We pride ourselves in offering top notch service to our clients, at the most reasonable rates in town.

Anaheim Exterior Painter

We offer different services which makes us a one stop shop for all your exterior needs. We will provide residential as well as commercial exterior painting, power washing and siding for your deck and wood.

This can only be made possible by our personnel, who have a high level of experience in exterior painting, and who we continue to train occasionally to ensure they are equipped with the latest techniques in the business.

Why we are the best

We have come across new clients who complain that their paint started peeling off in just under a year after its application. Well, you won’t experience this with us.


We not only use the most quality paints there is, but we also ensure that we are thorough in our preparation. This basically requires that we visit the building before and make an assessment.

We will then proceed to seal all the surfaces to ensure no paint seeps in. exterior painting takes two coats of paint to look good. Less than that, the paint will look so fade and more coats may leave the area looking smudged.

You will realize we visit the premises regularly after that to ensure the paint still looks good and that it dried off well. Keeping the client happy is one of our strong suits.

We always consult with our customers before hand to establish what color of paint they would want. In some cases, we may advise otherwise but we try to grant the customers their wish and go ahead and make it happen.

What we consider before painting

Type of surface

When choosing what kind of paint to use, we always consider the different surfaces we are planning to paint. Flat surfaces require a different paint from surfaces with a bit of texture.

This is established during our assessment of the building, after consultation with the client.


Believe it or not, climate is vital in exterior painting. If you reside in a rainy or windy area, we recommend oil paints. This is because they are not worn out easily by this kind of weather. For those in dry areas, we will use latex paint.

Using the wrong paints may result to peeling or even fading in a short period of time.


We value your property so much that we cannot start exterior painting without preparing the surrounding areas.

This basically involves removing any items in the exterior. This may be doorbells, light bulbs and mail boxes. We will also cover the landscape and fasten windows to ensure paint doesn’t get in the house.

After the job is done, we carefully return everything into place and its like nothing was moved in the first place.


We are very thorough in what we do. By using paints and tools of the highest quality, and through our well trained staff, you get the service of a lifetime.

Try our services today. We guarantee ultimate satisfaction!

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Exterior Painting

The Anaheim weather can be the enemy of smart exterior painting. However, call the Anaheim Exterior Painters to set up a visit from one of our team of specialist painters and decorators, and we’ll have your property looking better than new, in no time.

Orange Exterior Painters

No job too big. No job too small!

We will take care of the exterior painting, but we can do so much more. We also offer plastering, tiling, and glazing, in addition to room painting, interior painting, and wall lining. We only employ experienced, trade qualified personnel, to ensure the highest possible professional standards. Look at our painting and decorating services page for more information, and see our home page for the full range of maintenance and refurbishment services we provide.

Why Pick Us?

  • Flexible to deliver services for residents and business by individual requirements.
  • Innovative to implement various visual ideas using high-quality materials as well as and creating new working methods and styles.
  • Reliable to do the job and share a good advice how to create a cozy atmosphere for individual expectations.

We at Anaheim Exterior painters have suitable experience. We provide superior exterior house painting, residential painting, and commercial painting services. We promise to revive and restore the external of your home, whatever material is available.

Whether masonry, brick, pebble or something completely different, each type of equipment will be evaluated by our expert painters to guarantee the best type of outdoor paint is used for the plan. Careful surface preparation assures an optimal finish and excellent durability.


The time it takes to paint a home always varies. Therefore, our fully vetted residential and commercial painters, who are available to work both day and night, to ensure peace of mind and minimize disruption to your job or family life.


We are fully insured and aim to achieve job satisfaction through our Mistakes-Free Guarantee. As experts in painting both the inside and outside of homes and businesses across our location, we are on hand for all your decorating tasks. Whether refreshing an interior space, stripping a deck surface, or updating an exterior facade, we have the experience and skills to get the work done to schedule and with guaranteed excellent results.


Picking the right painters and decorators for any plan can be a daunting task. With Anaheim Exterior Painters, you can relax knowing your ideas are being accomplished by our competent, honest team. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and our high standards of professionalism make us stand out. Whatever your demands we will work tirelessly to ensure everything is completed to your satisfaction.

How to choose exterior paint colors

The decision to paint the exterior of your home is a really exciting one. It is a choice that will bring years of satisfaction and add value and beauty to your home.Commercial Painters Orange County, CA

In other instances, it can be hard decision to make as a homeowner because you might doubt if you are making the right decision or not.

Your home color is one of the most visible attributes. Make a mistake, and you will not easily camouflage it.

The following are some tips on selecting exterior paints;


Before you run into the paint store and pick armloads of paint color chips, it is essential to pick the right color. Traditionally, exterior house paints have been oil-based. They are durable, long-lasting finish even in adverse weather conditions.

However, in the modern times, breakthrough in paint technology have given consumers more options.

When choosing an exterior house paint, pick one that is durable and resistant to mold and mildew. It should also be resistant to ultraviolet radiation, resistant to fading, peeling and cracking.

Think through the overall color scheme

After choosing a quality exterior paint space, it is time for an exciting stage-color. Consider the overall color scheme of your home, neighborhood and landscaping.

You may want to pick a color paint that complements those of your neighbors and is different enough to stand out. It should however not be too close to one of the homes next door.

You should also keep in mind the foliage and flowerbeds in front of your home.  Choose color paint that complements this.

Depending on your home’s location, historical or regional aspects can affect the decision that you will make. This is more relevant if you are planning on selling your home. It is wise to talk to a real estate agent in order to find out which exterior paint colors will work in that particular area/market.


It is critical to think about your area weather before choosing your exterior paint. The weather might be humid, hot, rainy, excessively hot, sunny or arid. It is important to choose a color that compliments this.Emergency Painter Orange County, CA

A beachfront home on a cloudy Pacific coast may not really need a lot of UV protection compared to a home in a sunny area. However, it will require a lot in the way it is protected from wind and salt.

Consider the surface

Regional or historical factors may ultimately affect the type of color that you chose depending on the location of your home.

It is also wise to speak to your real estate agent to see which exterior paint will be ideal in the local market.

Consider your home’s architectural style and era

When you have a Queen Anne Victorian, a Craftsman bungalow or a midcentury modern ranch your exterior paint scheme should match the style of the house.

Many manufacturers of paints offer collections of historically accurate colors. This can be an excellent springboard for palette, and you can also seek to advise from a professional who specializes in this area.

However, you don’t have to always adhere to historical guidelines and codes for your home. Well, unless you live in a neighborhood that specifies otherwise.

To be on the safe side, do not stray away from these colors. They will bring out the beauty of your home.

Choose three or more different paint shades

An exterior scheme has three major fields that include, field color which dominates. The second part is the accent color which brings doors, shutters and other small areas to life. Lastly, we have the trim color, which is used for windows and door casings as well as roof edging, railings and other trim work.

Usually, the trim color should contrast strongly with the field color. An architect or color consultant can help you come up with a combination that suits you and your house.


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