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Are you looking for Fullerton Apartment Painters or Anaheim Painters for your turnover/move out?

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If you’re planning your next residential or commercial makeover and are in need of reliable Fullerton Painters, contact the pros at Fullerton Apartment Painters.

We have a very reliable team of professional interior painters and exterior apartment painters that are dedicated to working for the residents of this area.

We offer comprehensive residential and commercial painting services in Fullerton. Our fully licensed and insured professionals take the stress and worry out of your next painting project. We thoroughly prepare prior to each painting job to ensure that your furniture and floors are fully protected. Our Fullerton Painters carefully prime each space prior to applying two coats of paint. In addition, we won’t make a mess and leave you to clean up; our professionals will restore your space exactly how you like it. No exceptions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our main goal. We won’t consider the job done unless you are 100% happy with the finished product. This also includes utilizing high quality paint that’s also environmentally friendly. Also, we background check and pre-screen all of our painters so you can rest easy feeling confident about the people in your space.

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We are pocket friendly

Painting can be a daunting task with several steps that can seem overwhelming. There’s no need to tackle this project on your own. You can have the home or office you dream of without breaking the bank. So if you’re searching for a quality Fullerton Painter, call the professionals at Fullerton Apartment Painters today to receive a free estimate.

Our neatness to any task is shown through the following ways;


All furniture, items, and floors are covered. Walls and ceilings are inspected for cracks, filled, and sanded. All baseboards, windows, and frames are professionally taped.


This includes meticulous priming before applying two coats of quality paint.

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Cleaning and Restoration

Rooms are returned to their prior state: tape is removed, floors and carpets are swept, all garbage is placed into contractor’s bag and removed from the property.


Post-painting inspection of work. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Inspect our work before we consider the job complete.

Why should you consider Fullerton Apartment Painters?


Apartment painting, countertop & bathtub resurfacing is our specialty, and we have been doing it since our inception.


We supervise our painters on a regular basis to ensure quality workmanship and your satisfaction.

We understand the importance of your scheduling needs, so we make sure the work is completed on time.


Our painters are trained professionals and they know management requirements. They are fast, efficient and clean!!!

We can paint as many units a day as you need.


We carry a liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.


If you ever have even a minor complaint about the work we’ve done, we will fix it within 24 hours.

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