House Painters

Home is where the heart is. Many of us want to come back at the end of a long day and encounter a feeling of peace as we walk in the entrance. However, if the paint colors inside seem too loud or too dull, then your home isn’t doing its job! No worries, we will assist you to pick the perfect colors to achieve that distinct sense of calm you want. We will repair all the nicks and scrapes. Moreover, we will clean and paint your walls, ceilings, and woodwork to bring the light back to your haven.

Anaheim Residential Painters

During an interior painting project, rest guaranteed that we will respect and honor your privacy, your busy programs, and how your family functions in your home. We will suggest the proper type of paint for your walls, taking into consideration what kind of use and exposure your surfaces will experience throughout the paint’s lifetime. If we find any existing conditions that need inspection, we will discuss them with you, and take the relevant steps to fix them so that you won’t have to give them another thought.

Painting More than Just Walls

Here are some of the many popular interior surfaces we paint.

  • Walls (any length)
  • Ceilings (any length)
  • Doors & Windows
  • French Doors & Windows
  • Mantels & Bookshelves
  • Wood Paneling & Wainscoting
  • Cabinets, Shelves & Other Woodworking
  • Baseboards & Crown Moldings
  • Chair Rail Moldings

Interior Cabinet & Woodwork Refinishing

When your cabinets and wood trim don’t have life, we will revive and invigorate them. We are leaders at renewing old, tired cabinets as part of our interior painting services. Contact us if you need any of the following done to your cabinets or other wooden surfaces.

  • Adjust the colors on already painted cabinets
  • Switch oak or other hardwood cabinets to a quality painted finish
  • Use a distressed look
  • Use Old World or other glazings
  • Take out cabinet hardware & reinstall
  • Cabinet staining and lacquering
  • Refinishing wood handrails & spindles

Interior Commercial Painting

Refresh up the look of your office, condo or other business! Contrasting colors can improve the mood and productivity of your staff as well as give a great first impression to your customers. Following color trends adds value to your rental and reduces the need for tenants to repaint.

Contact us to handle:

  • Touchups after tenant turnovers & TI work
  • Preservation repainting of interior hallways & lobbies

Anaheim Interior Painters Includes:

  • Professionally trained worker
  • An entirely provided vehicle with all the tools to get the job done. All you need to purchase is paint!
  • 8 hours of labor to do your project

What Can Be Performed in 8 Hours?

  • Paint bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen walls
  • Paint a front door
  • Touch-up painting around the house


We at Anaheim House Painters bring people a fast, affordable and high-quality solution for all of their interior or exterior residential, commercial and industrial painting projects. We respect your time as much as you do and provide the quality paint job you expect, in a timeline that is unexpected.