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We all love having a beautiful home, which is attractive - especially on the inside. The colors you have go a long way to set the mood in the house.

Whether you opt for dark or bright colors, let us be the professionals seek out for input.

Who we are

We are My Anaheim Painter, a rapidly growing business with all the solutions to your interior needs. We have extensive workforces, who are trained regularly on the current interior trends to ensure you always get the latest as it comes.

Our customer care is quite efficient and works round the clock to answer any of your questions and to assign a painter when you need your interior painted.

That’s not all. We also offer a variety of interior painting services, apart from the actual painting. We provide interior painting services for both your homes and your business. We can also remove existing wallpaper and install a new set if need be.

  • Residential interior services

Most of our clients are home owners who want to revamp the look in their homes. We will provide you with a wide array of colors to choose from. We try to finish these kind of jobs in a day because we know how much you value being in your homes.

  • Business interior services

We also offer interior painting services to your place of work. This may take a few days because the area to be covered is larger but we try to be as efficient as possible.

We assign more painters for such assignments to ensure we finish the job fast and let business activities resume.

What you need to know

We value our client’s opinion and therefore, we involve you in the initial planning as we try to clarify what you have in mind.

This is in relation to the color scheme you prefer for every room, and any other service you would like to be provided with in the course of the painting.

We also notify you that we will be conducting an assessment of the building before hand to prepare on what needs to be done before we commence on the painting.

Your furniture, floor and valuables will be covered so that they don’t get all covered in paint. We always return things in their original setting after completing our job, and after ensuring the paint is dry.

The best thing with dealing with us is you will get services tailored especially for you. We will even make regular follow ups to know how you find the paint, and the colour.

Our clients are very happy with our services. We hope as we keep growing, we will keep gaining more clientele.

Contact us today. You will not be disappointed.

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Exterior Painters

At My Anaheim Painter, we have the experience and know how to turn your exterior painting project into a reality. Our dedicated exterior painting professionals will transform the exterior of your house, office or business on time and within your budget.

What we do

We will carefully take the time to clean and prepare the surface of your home to ensure the best paint adhesion. Funny enough we spend more time in preparation than the actual painting! This is very critical to a long lasting and presentable paint job. Using our services gets you exclusive access to every trade that we are involved in. Some of the exterior repaints we undertake include timber replacement. Our team has experience when it comes to getting rid of that rotten timber. If your property has cracks, we call our renderers. You can rest assure that Anaheim Exterior Painters will provide qualified workers to deal with your painting problems within anything that you need to restore your home or business successfully!

Client’s Input

We consult and work with our clients side by side to choose the proper and colors that correspond to the finishes. We are dedicated to ensuring your home turns out the way you envisioned it. We are very considerable too. We work within your resources and help to ensure that your color selections fit the architectural style of your home.

Most of our clients appreciate our fast, dependable, professional and affordable service. We provide a full range of exterior services for many types building. Whether you have a single level home or a multi-level business, we do it all.

Our Team

Our professionals are accredited painters with lots of experience between them. In addition, we follow all the rules and regulation that are in place in order to provide the highest quality of standards. We use environmental friendly paints and equipment while working. Protecting the environment is a key factor for us while working.

At My Anaheim Painter, we use top of the range tools and only the premium ranges of paint. We apply the paint using brushes, rollers or spraying. All this depends on the requirement of the job. However, no matter which way we do it. We ensure we end up with a finish second to none.

Quality at our company is closely monitored by you the client with the assistance of our production and quality manager. Our operations manager makes sure each and every job runs smoothly, safely and in a timely manner.

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Your home/business is likely to be your greatest asset, so it need to be looked after in order to protect its value and look attractive. Our experienced team is always on standby. Make that call and we will be right on your case!